We all know that there are at least a hundred excuses for not having lost that excess weight or made an effort to get a little fitter, or simply made time to de-stress and wind down from our busy lives, but let’s face it “life” just get’s in the way!  This is compounded by the sheer volume of conflicting information in the media on what you should or should not eat, which type of exercise is good or bad for you, which vitamins, minerals, supplements you need for your age and lifestyle, almost every glossy magazine and newspaper is crammed with new articles each month extolling the virtues of the latest fad diet or get fit quick exercise regime with minimum effort maximum results, the latest “super” food or miracle weight loss supplement… with all of this information overload, how do you know what is right for you and your body?  

So…if you are looking for a solution or have been investigating the many weight loss and fitness boot camps or wellbeing holidays that are available… Let me introduce you to Real Boot Camp Spain… not all boot camps are the same!

  • We guarantee there will be no 0.600 starts, the first class of the day begins at a respectable 0.800 with yoga .
  • You will not be forced to exercise from sunrise to sunset as part of a no options program, we offer a flexible program which includes essential rest & relaxation time, as it is very important that your body has time to recover from exercise, especially if you are not used to exercising.
  • We do not have any military trained or ex-military instructors on our team, just real people, instructors and teachers who are well qualified, very experienced, supportive and empathetic…and who all absolutely love what they do!
  • We offer a full and varied program, but …everything on our program is optional, so you may choose your level of participation and that choice will always be yours! you will never be forced to partake in activities.
  • There will be No boring gym routines… No gimmicks…but lots of good time efficient exercise routines that you can integrate into your daily life without expensive equipment.
  • No juice only meals, your body needs really great nutrition to enable it to function optimally, our chef and her team work tirelessly to create clean and healthy nutrient rich and delicious meals.
  • No basic accommodation, no communal bathrooms, no sharing your accommodation with strangers to reduce the cost of your holiday… & absolutely no shared bathrooms!
  • No expensive single supplements, as a very high proportion of our guests travel solo, each guest will have sole use of their own luxury 1 x double bedroom suite, unless of course you travel with a partner of friend and then we can offer you one of our large 2 x double bedroom suites.
  • No large groups of guests… We do not host more than 14 guests at boot camp, this ensures that each guest receives individual attention from each of our team members.

You will however be joining a very special club, one with people just like you, all of whom are either going to start a whole new phase in their lives or would like to enhance the life they have. Our program works because it is… simple, effective and empowering

Real Boot Camp Spain’s aim is to put you on the road to a new slimmer, fitter, healthier and relaxed you with our week long intensive luxury boot camp, where you can shed that unwanted weight, tone up physically, detox your body with healthy and tasty Mediterranean food, whilst relaxing and de-stressing in luxury surroundings. At Real Boot Camp Spain impressive results are achieved through a specially designed program of fitness and nutrition, with daily small group fitness and exercise sessions hosted by our experienced, professional and empathetic team. Each day’s program is varied and comprises of daily yoga, plus pilates, core, circuit training, personal defense, coastal walks and down time where guests can take a siesta, wind down, enjoy a therapy, beauty treatment or specialist massage.

Whilst at boot camp guests enjoy a fitness program of low impact, interval based, moderate activity rather than sustained high impact activity which can cause injury. Guests find that by stimulating their minds and bodies via varied and sustainable exercise regimes they can enhance their metabolism whilst cleansing and detoxifying their bodies, this encourages healthy weight loss, the detox process and also helps to improve mental clarity and focus.

Retreat guests will enjoy luxury accommodation close the the sea in a stunning coastal location, each day is filled with challenging, interesting and varied activities supported by the retreats dedicated and professional team, we hope that your time at the retreat will be rewarding, inspiring and fun…

Those guests whose aim it is to lose unwanted weight, shed their unwanted pounds whilst visibly toning their bodies and improving their posture, the physical and mental detox process offers a new found “healthy glow” other benefits are clarity of mind and a renewed focus and purpose, and towards the end of the retreat many guests report a marked increase in strength and energy levels.

The retreat offers a true kick start for those seeking to improve their overall health and wellness and can also help with maintaining that new found healthy lifestyle.

At the retreat we strive to offer a relaxed, nurturing, supportive but non intrusive environment our experienced and professional team will be available throughout your stay to help and support each guest. At the retreat it does not matter what age, experience and fitness level each guest has, as all of the retreats team are used to working with groups of mixed abilities and therefore they will be able to adapt the program to the required level of each individual guest, this is one of the reasons that each retreat hosts a maximum of 14 guests.


We all know we should eat healthily and exercise more but sometimes we just need a little help, a little education and a gentle push in the right direction…