Our aim is to offer a new style of boot camp, one where education and motivation are primary, set in rural and semi-rural locations where we can help the local community by offering employment, and by purchasing local goods and services from local people and business, where local guides can show our clients the real Spain, and educate them on the region and it’s indigenous plants, trees and animals. We aim to show a beneficial rather than negative impact on the retreats surroundings by working with nature not against it.

Always… “Respect your body, your health and respect your environment “

The staff employed at our retreat venue are local / live locally, our drivers and our guides are local / live locally, we do not fly in staff from other countries, our core retreat team is a mixture of many nationalities including Spanish.

It is essential in the more remote and rural regions of Spain to be able to offer employment to local people, some villages in rural Spain have literally been almost deserted due to lack of employment opportunity, with younger family members relocating to the cities, leaving only small numbers of mainly elderly residents in the villages and dividing families.

Even the smaller villages in the popular coastal areas, suffer from low employment during the autumn and winter months, after the summer tourists have returned home, the coast returns to normality, and unemployment rates unfortunately climb.

We limit our groups to a maximum of 14 – 16 people, we feel that by limiting our groups to small numbers not only do they benefit from personal attention but we minimize our impact on the environment around us.  Respect for our environment is essential to our philosophy, and we aim to make only a positive impact on the places we stay and visit during the duration of each camp, groups are always accompanied by a member of staff and where appropriate a local guide. The camp Director will be available each day at the Hotel venue /accommodation.

Our Accommodation is locally owned we do not use large Hotel groups, and we run our retreats mainly during what is considered low season. We try to provide income and employment during those quiet months.

The retreat venue has water and power saving technology and it also employs a responsible waste and recycling policy.

The food served to our clients is, in-season, locally sourced and produced, unrefined, unprocessed and wherever possible organic. Our chefs produce fresh healthy and delicious menus for us each day, mainly vegetarian but there are meat and fish options available for those who require them.

We try our very best to operate a “no waste” policy in our kitchen, this means that we purchase all fresh products on a daily basis from local sources wherever possible and only to the exact amounts required for our guests daily needs. The policy may mean that if a guests simply dislikes a dish that is served it may not always be possible to offer an alternative option, our venue is not a standard “hotel” kitchen as it caters only to our guests and the retreats specified menu / nutritional plans.

Our office operates a paperless booking and enquiry system, all relevant information is available via the web site, or via e-mail. We do not and never will produce glossy brochures.

Our office has a recycling policy for all glass, metal, paper, plastic and items such as printer cartridges etc.

We respectfully request that all our guests observe our policy on recycling and also water and power conservation.

We ask our guests to donate any unused products from their welcome gift packs to a local children’s home and charity, the products are collected upon guest departure and delivered to the charity soon afterwards.


Real Boot Camp Spain is an environmentally aware business, we believe that tourism can contribute positively to both areas of Spain where we host our retreats, and we aim to provide employment for local people and education for our clients, along with an enjoyable and memorable experience.