“Let food be thy medicine & let medicine be thy food”

Our dietary programs at the retreat will be an essential part of your new health & wellbeing regime…

The food that we eat each day has an immense & powerful effect on our health, eating the right foods in the right quantity with the right balance of nutrients will enable you to see truly dramatic changes in your body, your general health, your skin and how you age… even mental clarity…

Based on an excellent, proven exclusion program developed by our Doctor and Nutritionist our dietary program ensures not only maximum weight loss results, but also aids the body to eliminate toxins, our menu’s are designed to be tasty, highly nutritious and kind to the digestive system whilst aiding detoxification and cleansing. Be assured that you will not go hungry, with 3 fresh healthy and nutritious meals per day, healthy snacks plus unlimited organic and herbal teas and still mineral water.

Our Chefs produce high quality, nutritious and delicious meals from locally produced / sourced and in season ingredients, meals are unrefined and unprocessed!

The food at the retreat is prepared with experience and a love of great nutrition by our incredible dedicated retreat Chef…all the meals are truly delicious, & prepared with exceptional fresh local produce, the greatest attention is paid to detail & the fusion of tastes to delight the visual senses & of course your taste buds too!

Superb fresh locally sourced ingredients are purchased every day from the local markets and all food is wherever possible organic – providing the ideal opportunity for your body to cleanse naturally. To ensure a true nourishing and healing experience, food will be gluten-free, wheat free, dairy-free, no red meat, no refined sugars, no preservatives & pescatarian and vegetarian based…as we truly believe that this will provide the body with an opportunity to detox & heal – especially when combined with the other healthy practices that you’ll be experiencing & enjoying at the retreat. Guests have always commented at how truly surprised they are by the quality of the food and how super well they feel after a week eating such clean & light healthy food.

Our menus are designed to be delicious & to re-educate your taste buds as well as to sustain you throughout your stay whilst allowing for a healthy weight loss. Our detox is not about starvation, deprivation and boring plain boring food… but about eating healthy nutritionally balanced fresh and super tasty food.

Also included in all of our programs will be nutritional education so you can learn how to fuel your body correctly, how to combine nutrition and exercise so that you gain the maximum benefit from your new regime.

Although the programs at the retreat will certainly offer great results within a relatively short time frame (a kick start) we also understand that it must be a program that is easy to follow at home if long term results are to be both achieved and sustained, this is why we offer “at home” follow on plans and also access to the recipes we use at the retreat… this retreat is not designed to be a “short sharp shock” but is designed to allow its participants to gain the knowledge and motivation required to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle…

To assist with your new at home program we also offer an optional cookery workshop with our head chef… where guests will be able to learn how to prepare and cook some of the super healthy, clean & delicious meals that they enjoy whilst at the retreat.


















At the retreat we are very happy to cater to our guests specific dietary needs, so if you have any food allergies or intolerances, specific foods that you dislike, or if you would prefer a strict vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan menu during your stay, just let us know in advance of your chosen retreat …

Our aftercare program’s will assist you with resisting life’s little temptations and continuing with your new health & wellbeing regime when you return home.