Luxury weight loss, detox, fitness & wellbeing retreat.

The ultimate healthy holiday in Europe

Enjoy just one intensive week at our Luxury Boot Camp retreat and you’ll be able to truly see and feel an impressive improvement in your overall fitness & wellbeing, you will lose unwanted and stubborn weight and inches, tone up your physique, improve your posture and detoxify your body in a safe, sustainable and healthy way, whilst enjoying luxury accommodation at our award winning venue and spa. This retreat may be intensive but our holistic approach ensures that you will also enjoy plenty of that oh so important rest and relaxation time.

“Our aims are to motivate and educate you, not to bully you, we will ensure that you will leave us lighter, fitter, more toned and with a true feeling of wellbeing”


Dates for 2018

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OffersProgramDays/NightsDateInclusive luxury retreat package costCurrent Availability
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp7/6April 18 - 24 2018£1145.00
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp7/6May 02 - 08 2018£1145.00
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp 7/6May 16 -22 2018£1145.00
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp7/6May 23 - 29 2018£1145.00
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp7/6June 20 - 26 2018£1195.00
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp7/6September 12 - 18
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp7/6October 17 - 23 2018£1095.00
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp7/6October 31 - November 06 2018£1095.00
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerLuxury Boot Camp7/6November 07 - 13 2018£1095.00
Includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
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A Luxury Boot Camp & Wellness Retreat in Spain

Developed by our experienced & professional retreat team, including: Our Doctor, Nutritionist, Retreat Director and our wellbeing staff, our Luxury Boot Camp retreat is based on a carefully designed fitness, nutritional and wellbeing program, our exercise program focuses on yoga, Pilates, core training exercises, stretching and toning, hiking, plus that all important rest and relaxation time, combined with healthy nutrient dense clean detox cuisine menu that is intended to enhance the metabolism, gently cleanse the body whilst optimising healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Our impressive results are achieved through our well proven program of daily group fitness sessions which are led by our dedicated, experienced and professional fitness team. The retreat’s program comprises of four to six hours exercise per day consisting of a varied program which includes: group hiking along the coast and up into the mountains, core work, circuit training, daily group yoga and pilates sessions, plus daily rest and relaxation time.

 While at the retreat, your time will be spent in low impact,  moderate, interval based activity, rather than lengthy sessions of very intense activity. We have proved that by stimulating your mind and body through this type of sustainable exercise program you will not only enhance and boost your metabolism, but also gently cleanse and detoxify your body, whilst shedding stubborn and unwanted weight in a healthy and sustainable way, due to the blended nature of the retreat you will also enjoy the added bonus of a heightened sense of mental clarity and focus. 

In our safe and beautiful coastal location you will be able to look forward to each day and the challenging physical activities that it holds, and as always our dedicated team will be on hand to attend to your needs.

Our luxury Boot Camp & Wellness holiday is an all-inclusive results oriented program intended to offer a 
jump-start to your new fitness regime, motivation towards a healthier lifestyle, a boost to your overall health and wellness or to be simply enjoyed as a great healthy holiday… and our team are absolutely dedicated to helping you to achieve your desired results, and personal goals.

Our holistic & supportive environment ensures that your stay with us will be not only memorable but also you will return home a little lighter, a little fitter, a little more toned and with a true focus on a healthier future…

The whole ethos of Real Boot Camp Spain is to offer a “gentler” more holistic option to the Military focused and hard core boot camps that are available. We offer a realistic and sustainable approach to exercise and nutrition, and a kick start to our guests new weight loss, detox and fitness regime, with a selection of exercise options, which include: daily yoga, pilates, circuit training at the beach, core strength training, eco walks and hikes along our stunning coastline, up into our nearby mountain ranges, and down into green valleys. 

The Retreat Venue:

The venue and accommodation at the retreat are award winning and purpose built with luxury and privacy in mind. The retreat offers a special environment ideal for relaxation and wellness…the perfect place to take time out to focus on your health, fitness, and personal wellbeing. In our welcoming, comfortable and peaceful environment, each individual guest will be able to retreat to his or her own spacious and superbly equipped private suite which in turn offers a spacious and relaxing environment in which to unwind and focus on your fitness and nutrition goals, each suite has a large comfortable double bed and full en-suite bathroom complete with washer dryer and hairdryer, plus comfortable lounge with flat screen TV and satelite, and a fully equipped kitchen, each suite also benefits from either a terrace or balcony. We want your stay with us to be as comfortable & enjoyable as possible, and to this end each individual suite has been decorated with calming colours and beautiful individual design touches so that the private rest and relaxation time that you spend in your suite will enhance your relaxation process and in addition offer many nights of restful and restorative sleep.

At the retreat:

Although our program is all inclusive, we encourage each guest to do as much or as little as they wish to, so if you would like to take time out to relax in the Spa, enjoy a therapy or treatment, or simply read a good book at the beach…the choice will always be yours! You can expect the very best of luxury spa treatments, therapies and massages, amazing rejuvenating and anti-ageing facials and body treatments from our experienced spa team, all available as optional extras.

Nutrition at the retreat:

Our dedicated Chef & his team use only the freshest and wherever possible organic ingredients, each dish has the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and essential healthy fats, our fresh, healthy and delicious menu offers a natural approach to detox and healthy diet with great nutrition that works in harmony with your body, and not against it by depriving or starving it. The result of this means that those unhealthy cravings for caffeine, refined sugars and bad fats will naturally decrease and that stubborn weight and inches will finally begin to disappear.

Our natural and holistic approach to nutrition means that unlike the unpleasant feelings that can be experienced when on many of the so called “fad diets”, or the latest weight loss regime, which are very often calorie controlled but which actually can be quite nutrient deficient and so can therefore induce the feelings of being starved, deprived and hungry , the opposite will be true, you will feel energized and well nourished, which is absolutely essential as you will also be enjoying the fitness part of the program with a great blend of exercise including: daily yoga, plus Pilates, core strength training, stretch and tone, circuits at the beach and stunning coast and mountain hikes.

Before you arrive at the Retreat:

  • Your retreat package includes pre-arrival information intended to thoroughly prepare you for your retreat experience, you will also be given information and recommendations to follow before you arrive at the retreat to kick-start weight loss and to prepare your body so that you may gain the maximum benefit from your time at the retreat.

Our luxury boot camp & wellness retreat at a glance:

  • Six nights’ accommodation in your own spacious luxury double suite

*Our retreat accommodation is offered to our guests in luxury 1 or 2 bedroom, double bedded suites with either private balcony or terrace.

There are NO supplements for single occupancy, & we never ask guests to share accommodation, unless of course they wish to share with a partner or friend.

  • Initial private wellness consultation & health check
  • 5 Day targeted fitness program, to include: daily yoga, pilates, circuit training at the beach, core strength training, guided walks / hikes along the coast and up into the mountains
  • Meditation class
  • Complimentary use of the wellness Spa and facilities, including well equipped gymnasium, heated indoor wave pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, and exterior lagoon pool.
  • Welcome night dinner
  • 5 days full board delicious, fresh, healthy clean  detox cuisine, plus healthy snacks, unlimited mineral water and organic, herbal tea’s & infusions
  • Departure day breakfast
  • During the evenings there will be open and informal discussions / classes on the following subjects: Nutrition for optimum health,  plus meditation for coping with and reducing stress plus aiding restful sleep
  • Aftercare “at home” program with regular news and motivational tips, recipes etc Real Boot Camp Spain membership with regular news and motivational tips, recipes etc.
  • Each retreat offers the services of an experienced and dedicated Retreat Director who will be available each day throughout your stay to ensure your experience is everything you expected and more
  • Complimentary private return airport transfers / pick up and drop off at Alicante airport. (are based on scheduled pick up / drop off times for all attendees.*) please check our scheduled times before booking your flights (*** for all of our 2015/16 dates our specified airport will be Alicante)

Sustainable results:

  • Weight loss ( the average is between 5 & 8 lbs )
  • Reduction in inches ( the average is 6 -8 cm overall )
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Better  posture
  • A healthy & gentle detox without hunger or deprivation
  • A healthy vibrant healthy glow thanks to the detox
  • Education on healthy eating, a healthy and balanced nutritional program. Learn what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat & how to control your weight, which vitamins, minerals & supplements are most beneficial for you, so you can be healthy and live a healthier happier life
  • Gain a feeling of wellbeing, clarity and invigoration
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Find renewed focus and determination
  • A head start on the road to living a healthier lifestyle

How do we help you to achieve great results?

Our Luxury Boot Camps highly qualified, passionate and dedicated team including our Doctor, nutritionist, personal trainers, yoga and pilates teachers, Spa therapists and masseuses will work with you through informative group and private one to one sessions, they will share their knowledge, secrets and experience and advise you on how to enjoy great health and transform the way you look and feel… Our team is committed to helping you on your journey towards looking and feeling amazing with a true purpose and positive view of the future.

The benefits of our targeted fitness program:

The targeted fitness program we offer at our Luxury Boot Camp retreat has been specifically designed by our team of highly qualified and professional instructors to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your retreat experience, ensuring that you learn how to improve your body’s muscle tone and definition, flexibility and the look and feel of those areas we all tend to dislike, we want you to leave us lighter, toned, fitter and feeling fabulous!

“Our goal is to offer a retreat that will help you to achieve your optimal state of wellness”

This will be a positive experience, one that is not simply about losing a few pounds, but an enriching and personal journey that will teach you healthy lifestyle philosophies and lower your stress levels whilst restoring your energy, vitality, positive self-image and belief.

At the end of your stay you will truly be able to see and feel the difference this retreat can make, you will look and feel fabulous from the inside out!

Long term care, advice & support:

We totally understand that once you have returned home to “the real world” it can be difficult to put into practice what you have learned whilst with us and to maintain the will power to continue the good work you began whilst at the retreat, this is why we offer our guests

  • An optional 3 month follow-on plan for nutrition, weight loss and menu support with our nutritionist.
  • An optional follow-on fitness plan designed specifically for you and accessed via SKYPE.
  • Retreat recipes and tips, plus  health & wellbeing information via our BLOG.

*In 2015 we will be introducing a new optional workshop with our new head Chef… where guests will be able to learn how to prepare and cook the super clean, healthy & delicious meals that they enjoy whilst at the retreat.

The retreats are limited to a maximum of 15 guests per week, thus ensuring that each guest receives personal and individual attention, we assume that our guests will want their privacy so all of our luxury 1 and 2 bedroom suites are double bedded with full private en-suite facilities plus private terrace or balcony, they also have free WiFi, satellite, flat screen TV, comfortable lounge, full kitchen, dining area, full bathroom with washer / dryer and hairdryer.

As so many of our guests travel solo, we do not charge supplements for single occupancy,and we never ask our guests to share accommodation with strangers, although if a guest would like to share with a friend or partner of course they may…

If you want to know more, please read our page that explains why Real Boot Camp Spain is different.

For more information please consult our Retreats Calendar

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