Life enhancing Luxury Detox & Wellness Retreat

Join our exceptional and professional retreat team including our Doctor, nutritionist, yoga & pilates teachers, personal trainers beauty and holistic therapists, who will offer individual care & support, inspirational talks and workshops…all set in our beautiful award winning venue & spa…Our Luxury detox & wellness program is an effective way to revive and rejuvenate your body from the inside out!

Choosing to go to a retreat and deliberately taking a little time to relax, re-charge and rejuvenate can be a very powerful gift to yourself, giving both mind & body some precious “time out”.

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Dates and prices for 2018

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OffersProgramDays/NightsDateInclusive luxury retreat package costCurrent Availability
special-offerThe Luxury Detox Retreat7/6June 27 - 23 2018£1195.00 includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerThe Luxury Detox Retreat7/6August 29 - September 4 2018£1195.00 includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
special-offerThe Luxury Detox Retreat7/6October 03 - 09 2018£1095.00 includes sole use of a luxury double suite.
Excludes flights & insurance.
This retreat is now fully booked!
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Our detox & wellness program is a great starting point for a whole range of health & wellness goals and it is ideal for people who are new to detox, as well as those who have enjoyed the benefits of detoxing before… expect to experience improved health on all levels, including internal balance and increased energy, vitality and a youthful glow.

The core strength of this retreats health & wellness program lies is in it’s dedicated, professional & experienced team who have been working as a team for many years and who together offer a very high standard of care and support throughout your stay, so that you really can gain the absolute maximum benefit from your time with us at the retreat. We will show you how to optimize your health – and with our anti-ageing, nutrition and wellness focused health & wellbeing workshops, we hope to inspire you to live a healthier, happier and longer life. Our detox & anti-ageing week is intended to help you to look fresher & revitalised, feel healthy & re-energized with a renewed zest for life…

The program has been specifically designed to combine an alkaline detox program, fitness & holistic and wellness therapies to freshen your looks, & cleanse your body. It focuses directly on gently cleansing the body, & restoring its natural balance with a diet of nourishing and replenishing foods, this in turn offers us brighter eyes, shiny hair, clear skin and a much fresher & youthful appearance, you may wish to enhance the cleansing process further and choose from our range of specialised treatments & therapies designed to compliment your detox including aromatherapy detox full body scrub, aromatherapy massage, intestinal massage, lymphatic drainage massage, chavutti thirumal massage, reiki, reflexology plus anti-ageing face & body treatments & therapies…

About Detoxing:

Detoxing naturally and gently can offer an incredible healing power that can literally turn back time with regard to your physical looks, turn around physical and emotional problems and give you a renewed zest for life & vitality. A gentle seasonal detox can be extremely beneficial for both our looks and our bodies and their toxin eliminating organs, such as the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs which means that after a detox a natural healthy balance can be restored within our bodies.

The body benefits can be:

weight loss, clearer skin, greater vitality, and for many people, they can set themselves on the road to overcoming / improving both minor and chronic conditions, it can clear and improve a sluggish digestion, increase energy and clear skin blemishes, improve circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, boost the body’s immune system and give our skin and hair a healthy glow, chronic conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes type 2, and IBS. Detox can also slow down the ageing process at a cellular level and so every part of you both inside and out will reap the benefits.

The mind benefits can include:

A boost to mental clarity and this is often one of the first things that our guests notice during a detox. As the body rejuvenates, so the mind also begins to clear, and in the space of the retreat venue & its pretty and peaceful Mediterranean surroundings, it offers an opportunity for you to re-visit your life and look at what is right for you and what isn’t working for you and start to focus on making positive changes.

Since we began our very first Detox Retreats many years ago we have been guiding our guests through gentle & healthy detox programs & we have helped hundreds of people to address & overcome their struggles with weight, poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle choices, emotional issues & illness by offering a safe and supportive environment where they can take a little time out to truly focus on their own health & wellbeing.

About Anti-ageing:

Although unfortunately we cannot literally turn back the hands of time, what we can do is to dramatically decrease the speed of the ageing process itself, YES!… it is possible to influence the biological aging process naturally with a combination of the following: adjusting your lifestyle, focusing on great nutrition, getting your body moving, learning to manage stress and getting plenty of good quality sleep, it is also possible to substantially improve the quality of our skin, hair, nails etc so that we gain youthfulness …

The holistic & anti-ageing treatments available at the retreat have been carefully selected to increase circulation, tone muscles, improve sleep, and reduce tiredness and dryness. The healthy and nutritious detox food at the retreat revives the body’s immune system while special yoga and Pilates postures and exercises help relieve joint stiffness, improve flexibility and boost mental clarity.

Our resident nutritionists can provide nutritional advice & solutions for healthy, sustainable weight loss, improvement in health issues such as type 2 diabetes and arthritis, improving energy, skin health, hormonal and digestive issues as well as targeting food intolerances and allergies, all of which can significantly contribute to the ageing process.

Our venue:

The venue and accommodation at the retreat are award winning and purpose built with luxury and privacy in mind. The retreat offers a relaxing environment ideal for relaxation and wellness…the perfect place to take time out to focus on your health and personal wellbeing… the retreat offers a deeply relaxing spa environment perfectly matched to detox.

Before you arrive:

your retreat package includes, pre-arrival information intended to thoroughly prepare you for your retreat experience, you will also be given information and recommendations to follow before you arrive at the retreat to prepare your body so that you may gain the maximum benefit from your time at the retreat.

Our Ultimate Detox & Wellness retreat package at a glance:

Six nights’ accommodation in your own spacious luxury double suite. ( sole use )

Our retreat accommodation is offered to our guests in spacious, luxury 1 or 2 bedroom, double-bedded suites with private balcony or terrace. We never charge supplements for single occupancy, & we never ask guests to share accommodation, unless of course they wish to share with a partner or friend…

  • Full board with 3 x fabulous tasty, cleansing and detoxifying meals per day, the retreats nutritional program includes 5 days of delicious, fresh fruit & vegetable smoothies, healthy soups & broths and vegetarian & pescatarian meals.
  • Unlimited organic teas, infusions and mineral water throughout.
  • 4 x 1 hour sessions of Pilates 
  • 4 x 1 hour sessions of Yoga
  • 3 x 1 hour specialized body / sculpting classes
  • 1 x Invigorating coastal hike with knowledgeable local guides, to boost your metabolism, let you enjoy the invigorating ocean breeze and beautiful scenery
  • Complimentary use of the on-site wellness Spa with heated indoor wave pool, sauna & Jacuzzi, well-equipped gymnasium, treatment and therapy rooms.
  • Outdoor lagoon pool with sunbathing terraces
  • Each retreat offers the services of an experienced and dedicated Retreat Director who will be available each day throughout your stay to ensure your experience is everything you expected and more…
  • Complimentary private return airport transfers / pick up and drop off at Alicante airport. (are based on scheduled pick up / drop off times for all attendees.*) please check our scheduled times before booking your flights (*** for all of our 2017 dates our specified airport will be Alicante)

Also included in the retreat package are a range of health & wellbeing workshops hosted by our dedicated team, and they include:

  • How to use Nutrition to significantly improve health & wellness with our Nutritionist
  • How to create natural health and wellness with our Doctor
  • Living a positive life… with our life coach & NLP master     
  • Meditation for stress relief & restful sleep with one of our life & mind coaches             

Also available upon request, are in depth private one-to-one consultations with our nutritionist, naturopathic Doctor, mind & body coaches, plus a wide selection of fabulous and pampering additional therapies, holistic and beauty treatments and massages…including: Reflexology, Reiki, Deep Tissue massage, Lymphatic drainage, & Chavutti Thirumal…luxury manicures and pedicures…(*additional cost )

Your dedicated health and wellness team will assist you in making the right choices, & will be able to offer advice & support not only throughout your stay but also once you return home with our optional aftercare plans..The Fitness part of the program:

Nutrition at the retreat:

Our dedicated Chef & his team use only super fresh & wherever possible organic local ingredients and always with the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and essential fats, our fresh, super healthy and delicious menus offer a natural approach which works in harmony with your body, not against it by depriving it…this means that unhealthy cravings for refined sugars and bad fats naturally decrease and stubborn weight will finally begin to disappear…

Our approach to nutrition means that unlike the unpleasant feeling of being deprived or starved by calorie-counted but nutritionally-deficient weight loss programs and fad diets, on the contrary, you will feel energized and well nourished, which is absolutely essential as you will also be enjoying the fitness part of the program .You will experience an inner cleanse through the nutritionally balanced gentle holistic detox menu plan that will result in glowing skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, an energy boost with the added bonus of weight loss. “It really is possible to detox without hunger or depriving yourself”… with fresh, healthy locally produced and sourced food.

You will be able to enjoy our gentle natural alkaline detox plan during your stay, with the addition of our “super vitality boost” during your stay…

We can cater for vegetarian, pescatarian & vegan diets and also for those guests with special dietary needs, food allergies and intolerances.

In addition to the delicious and healthy detox cuisine you will enjoy during the retreat, we also offer several workshops on nutrition and health related subjects, to inspire you to better understand what a healthy diet actually is and help you to discern the best information from the huge amount of marketing and food industry myths that make it so confusing to make the right choices for your own personal health & wellbeing. Our daily diet plays such a critical role in keeping us well and we hope to equip you with sound nutritional knowledge and to inspire you to take charge of your own health and well being.

The Fitness program:

During this retreat the emphasis will be on gentle focussed exercise to rebalance your mind and body, and so we invite you to join in our daily yoga, pilates & body sculpting and toning classes. The breathing techniques used in yoga and pilates can assist greatly in relaxation, elimination and detoxification, and you don’t need to be a well-practiced yogi or pilates devotee to benefit from and enjoy the classes, body toning is designed to address the areas of our bodies we all tend to dislike as we age, arms, tummy, bottom, thighs etc – in all classes all levels are catered for including complete beginners.


It is our mission to ensure that you will leave the retreat feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated, your body will feel lighter, look slimmer and your skin will be refreshed with a new youthful softness & glow …

Long term care, advice & support:

Your dedicated health and wellness team will assist you in making the right choices & will be able to offer advice & support not only throughout your stay but also once you return home with optional aftercare plans…because we do understand that the most difficult part of any retreat is translating what you’ve learned whilst with us, into real life back at home. At the end of the retreat, you will benefit from our optional follow on program with our nutritionist, plus a complimentary private fitness session via Skype with our head personal trainer.

Optional follow-on plans for: nutrition, weight loss & improved health with our nutritionist.

At Home & follow on plans with our Doctor, life & mind coaches,
Free personal training session with our head personal trainer via SKYPE
Retreat recipes, tips and information via our BLOG.
How do we help you to achieve great results?

The retreat’s highly qualified, passionate and dedicated team including our Doctor, nutritionist, personal trainers, yoga and pilates teachers, personal stylists, make-up specialist, Spa & holistic therapists and coaches will work with you through informative group and private one to one sessions, they will share their knowledge, secrets and experience and advise you on how to enjoy great health and transform the way you look and feel… Our team is committed to helping you on your journey towards looking and feeling amazing with a true purpose and positive view of the future.

Optional additions:

Optional workshop with our new head chef… where guests will be able to learn how to prepare and cook the super clean, healthy & delicious meals that they enjoy whilst at the retreat.

1-2-1 and small group personal defence lessons / 1-2-1 private sessions of yoga, pilates and personal training

1-2-1 sessions with our female Doctor, Nutritionist, counsellor, NLP master & life coach.

Full menu of Spa therapies, anti-ageing face and body treatments, plus massages and holistic therapies…

Additional nights at the retreat venue to accommodate flights or simply for additional rest & relaxation time.


At the end of your stay you will truly be able to see and feel the difference this retreat can make, you will look and feel fabulous from the inside out!


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