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About us

Real Boot Camp Spain's " luxury boot camp" retreat.

A new type of boot camp, specifically designed to offer a gentler and more holistic approach compared to the Military style and hard core boot camps. One where education is just as important as physical activity and that would offer an after care and support program which would continue to educate and motivate clients towards their personal goals not just for a week, but for life.

In one intensive week you will be able to tone up, shed unwanted weight, detox gently and safely whilst taking time out to gain perspective and improve wellness.

Our residential course is designed to give it's participants the maximum benefit of both a boot camp and wellness holiday, offering weight loss, detox, yoga, pilates, circuit training, walking / hiking and other activities, along with the added benefit of nutritional education. There will be plenty of time to relax and unwind, we want our guests to return home a little lighter, a little fitter, a little healthier, a little more toned and with a true feeling of wellbeing.

Real Boot Camp Spain's team of committed, professional, fully qualified instructors and health and fitness professionals will work with you as you strive to lose those unwanted pounds, detox, tone up and improve your general wellbeing.


Real Boot Camp Spain's "ultimate mind & body" retreat.

As we age nothing looks or feels the way it used to, our hair, skin, and body shape all change as we move through life. That said, before you resort to drastic measures like surgery, there are a lot of positive things we can do to improve our general health and wellbeing, to help us look and feel confident and fabulous whatever our age…

The ultimate mind and body holiday is your opportunity to press the re-set button on how you look, feel and think…forever.

The Ultimate Mind and Body Holiday’s highly qualified, passionate and dedicated team including our Doctor, nutritionist, personal trainers, yoga and pilates teachers, personal stylists, make-up specialist, Spa therapists and mind coach will work with you through informative group and private one to one sessions, they will share their knowledge, secrets and experience and advise you on how to enjoy great health and transform the way you look and feel… Our team is committed to helping you on your journey towards looking and feeling amazing with a true purpose and positive view of the future.


Real Boot Camp Spain's  "cleanse" detox & yoga retreat.

Developed by our experienced retreat team including our nutritionist and Doctor, our life enhancing detox retreat is an inspiring, enjoyable and effective way to kick start a new healthier way of life, or simply time to re-focus and offer your body and mind a little rest and rejuvenation time...

This exclusive program is based on a natural detox method that offers healing and rejuvenation. A comprehensive detox gives your body a chance to re-balance, and this can mean losing that stubborn weight that you have struggled with for a long time, a kick start to put you firmly on the path towards a new healthier lifestyle, or the improvement of long standing health issues.

The average weight loss for the program is 5-8lbs, the detox program itself is based on a combination of fresh juices, healthy broths and a raw food meals, all meals are created fresh each day to maximise the enzyme rich content with specifically targeted blends of fruits, nuts and vegetables for body cleansing.

This retreat offers a 4 day gentle cleansing program and is an ideal opportunity to cleanse mind & body whilst also enjoying fabulous natural therapies and holistic treatments in beautiful and relaxing surroundings...


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